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Industrial Tourism

In Saint-Nazaire, Airbus visit, discovery of the shipyard and the big seaport!


Aeronautic industry started in the 1920’s in Saint-Nazaire. In 1970, Airbus is created and Saint-Nazaire will deliver the first Airbus, the A300 in December 1970.
In the vast workshops are assembled cockpits and central fuselages of the renowned Airbus A 380. You will not see finished planes as final assembly take place in Toulouse or Hamburg, but it will enable you to discover what happens behind the scene!  Visit on reservation!


Saint-Nazaire shipyard opened in 1861. Since then it has constructed more than 600 ships including more than 110 liners such as the famous ‘Normandie’ in 1935 or ‘France’ in 1962. More recently Saint-Nazaire shipyard has constructed the remarkable ‘Queen Mary 2’ delivered in 2003.
Saint-Nazaire shipyard covers 108 hectares and is amongst the more modern and the biggest in the world. The Visit of the shipyard will enable you to discover this activity thanks to a 2 hours guided tour. Visit on reservation!


First seaport on the Atlantic coast and fourth French seaport in terms of volume of trade, Nantes Saint-Nazaire harbour is a major economic player in the region. Over 3000 ships are welcomed every year coming from over 400 harbours around the world.
The 2 hours guided tour will enable you to discover the major part of the port facilities along the Loire estuary between Saint-Nazaire and Donges. You will have an overview of the port activity through figures, technical information, volume of trades, as well as information on the impact of the seaport on the day to day life. Visit on reservation!

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