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Salt Marshes Museum, classified cities…


Salt Marshes Museum is situated only 220 yards away from the hotel. It presents a permanent exhibition of 1500 objects, works of art, documents and films relating to the world of the salt makers and the salt-water marshes: a broad panorama of the history of Guérande Salt yesterday and today! Fully renovated the museum reopened in September 2013.
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330 yards away from the hotel des Marais Salants, you can climb up the Saint-Guénolé church bell tower, classified as an historic monument since 1909, to watch an amazing landscape of Guérande peninsula. Nearby, you can discover Notre-Dame-du-Murier chapel, classified as an historic monument since 1862.


shows in an authentic command post of the Atlantic Wall the incredible story of the pocket of Saint-Nazaire, the last region of France released May 11, 1945.
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You can also visit and walk around the fortified city of Guérande only 6 miles away from the hotel or discover the small classified cities of Batz-sur-Mer, Le Croisic and Piriac-sur-Mer.

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